Degree is a diploma given by higher education institutions (college, university) to individual who completed required courses.

Common degrees are…
Associate – Awarded by Technical colleges, Junior Colleges, Community Colleges and usually takes two years to complete.
Bachelor – Degree given by Colleges and Universities and takes 3 to 5 years to complete (usually 4 years).
Master – Advanced degree which require 1 to 2 additional
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College education is NOT CHEAP!
It’s very very expensive.

How expensive?

How about…

$3,440/year for Public 2 year college if you live within district.
$9,410/year for Public 4 year college if you are in-state student.
$23,890/year for Public 4 year college if you are out-of-state student.
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University of Wyoming founded in 1886, has seven colleges including agriculture and natural resources, arts and...

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