Preparation and Planning

Some suggestions on what these application-packages should contain and look like are ample. Here is but one example of a preassembled package.

Scholarship Application Packages and Content could include:

  • Something to present it in – the presentation packages (clear binder or cover, folder, pocket) and an envelope (if required)
  • the scholarship application itself, filled out and verified
  • well-prepared essay on yourself and your goals – have a couple and custom one for every application
  • transcript
  • letters of recommendation
  • Portfolio picture (front inside cover – on top of the application)

Organization And Well-Executed Application Process

Begin early to research scholarships that match your criteria, wants and needs. Consider using a scholarship search service, and apply only for scholarships that do not sell your information and keeps your information private and confidential.

Start streamlining your process and assembly line of sorts, put your packages together, keep them filed and organized in the order you send them out. Once you have the scholarships for which you want to apply, keep track of the deadlines. Writing them on a calendar, or creating a chart to keep on top of all dates, is highly recommended. You would not want to lose out for missing information or something as small as a date now would you?!

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