You will go through the week doing your assigned work. It can be anything from reading the lectures to providing papers and even meet for conference system participation calls. You can read other student’s questions as well as ask your own. You will participate in discussions, usually done in forum style so that students can post when it is convenient for them to do so. And, you will send in your work to your instructor through email. He sends it back, graded.

Technology Is Not Left Behind
Many of the more advanced E Degree schools do not leave your education to just emails and software. Today, many of them incorporate much more technologically advanced systems. Yes, this is a bit of fun and it allows you to communicate with your teacher and students in a more direct way.

If you enjoy the ability to hold class discussions or are a learner that does better with hearing and seeing rather than just reading, these are technological advancements that you will want to look for in the school that you select.

• Chats. If you have ever been in a chat room, then you know what we are talking about. Some schools or courses will schedule chats to keep the class working together. By doing this, your instructor can bring the entire class together to talk about the various topics set forth. These may be mandatory or simply additional methods of communicating.

• Online Video. Today, you see the news on your laptop in streaming video. Many of the best online schools are now providing this type of video for their educational abilities. Simply, you can sit down with your cup of coffee and watch a lecture unfold in front of your eyes. These classes are ideal for those courses that are just too detailed to provide through written lectures.

• Video Conferencing. Some of the most technologically advanced schools may provide for this service as well. All you do is sit down, coursework in front of you and listen and watch the live lecture. With this type of software, you can raise your hand to discuss with the teacher, answer questions and even ask them. All of this is done in real time.

As you can see, there are many fun and interesting ways that you will be able to enjoy your education when it comes to E Degrees. The fact is that not all schools are the same though. If you see something here that really makes you smile, make sure that you look for it in the school that you attend.

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In addition, realize that each course will likely have their own methods of educating you. Some courses need more hands on attention then others do. Some courses may be simple self studies where others rely heavily on lectures.

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